Who is King Feezy

What does he believe

Where did he come from? Interviewers transcription tells a lot

King Travis is the ambitious quintessential founder and president of GoodbrothaCoalition. With 15 plus years experience and contacts worldwide he understands the nature of business.

His Idea of unified resource and collective individual business under one umbrella will revolutionalize the way we do business.

His introduction to entertainment began as an aspiring artist in 1998. by 2005 he began an internship at Slip N Slide Records under the tutelage of Jullian Boothe for Payback Ent. promoting the artist Plies, Trina, and Trick Daddy.

Legal woes removed him from the spotlight for several years and gave him time to earn a degree in business management and administration.

With his return to the business he brought with him knowledge, experience and contacts with a passion to build a company to assist aspiring artist as they endeavor to succeed in this business.

90 percent business ten percent talent is his modo. Over the years he has grown to understand that the concept of business goes beyond music and has no limit to possibility.

The man behind the movement is a father, husband, counselor, friend, and above all Believer in the Messiah and brings years of trial and error as well as success to the table.

GoodbrothaCoalition is his vision and we are his mission.

What is your come up story ?

I’m still writing it! But 2005 I drove a studio session to Plies at SlipNSlide records in Miami from DawgManEnt Artist WhiteDawg who was popular underground in Florida. I hung out that night at the studio and the next week Plies was supposed to do a record with me to return the favor for drivin 3 hours each way and the 2 hours to get the files from Kissimmee s as well. So the next weekend I Went to meet him there and he flaked and stood me up. So the next week I went to the studio on my own in my maroon Buick on 22s that I bought from my homie. And I put my 3 or 4 self produced albums in Manila envelopes with a 20$ bill in each one! I pulled up to SlipNSlide records with my music loud playin my music and I handed the cd packages out to everybody I seen. 30 mins later I was prayin at my motel and The Great Jullian Boothe called me and said he was the VP of SlipNSlide Records and he became the only manager I’ve ever had. He put me on two of Pitbulls songs on the TVT infamous Welcome to 305 album. Then Raphaela Lima at EASports picked up two records. One is on Madden07 and the other is on NBALIVE 07 and Lil Jon and ShaunaK were on Mr. Dj with me on DjSmallz SouthernSmoke 17. Jullian taught me so much and made so much happen so fast and I’m forever grateful for him taking the time to help me. Ironically the same night I drove to meet Plies the first time my Homie Greg killed his gf Mandy so all this was part of a lot of bigger events. This was January 2005 and My 11 month old son died 8/24/04 plus 2 months later I had to turn myself in to prison from a charge I had pending so yea my story is still bein written.


1. What is the name of the person(s) and/or brand these articles are for? Feezy350 Goodbrodatv.com

2. Do you have a preferred title (producer, rapper, influencer, etc.) that you’d like us to use?

I’m an Artist and Entertainment Agency

3. Why should people read about you? What story do you have to tell? What makes you stand out?

I’ve been around a long time and have worked with some iconic people From Jim Jonsin to SlipNSlide Records Jullian Boothe to Bigga Rankin RapALot OgRon C CutthroatCommitty TPain Pitbull E40 Fiend etc etc I mean a lot of ppl. I was Born in Louisville Ky raised in Florida Brevard County and Jacksonville I lived in New Orleans Lil Rock San Antonio Texas I now live in Fresno county California. So aside from being able to rap foreal I’ve seen alot of wisdom transpire in the foolishness of life and I can articulate clearly what is reality for all people. I think people will listen when they want to what they feel. I’m somebody you can feel.

4. What are some notable career highlights? (Awards, recognition, accomplishments, etc.)

Claim to fame I was on Madden07 and NBA Live 07 and was managed by Jullian Boothe who is responsible for Pitbull and Pretty Ricky and TPain and SoSo Def And Luke Records SlipNSlide records RebelRoc Southbeat Records etc etc. I work road manager for Hoodfella from Dunk Rydas and head of Promotion Rollo Hustle Music Group

I had Lil Jon and Shauna K on a record from Debbie Deb called Mr DJ on Southern Smoke DjSmallz that did well also. Really I’m known for being talented and selfless also educated and a teacher of underground artist in several states across America. My greatest accomplishments are the people I helped find a lane or inspired to believe in a dream.

5. What were the biggest challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?

Well I went to prison right as my songs came out on the EASports and it was 7 years later before I was free and able to do music. My greatest fight had been taking control of my name Feezy350 and claiming royalties as well as entering back in a doorway that had closed to me. The support and momentum is the most difficult aspect to reignite. The world is different and technology is far advanced.

6. What wisdom would you want to share with others? What lessons can people learn from you?

You are your brand and your brand pays the money. Take care of yourself and live like you want to be here for the long haul. Cause if you succeed your brand will only be as valuable as you. Be wise Be Careful and don’t let your actions today ruin tomorrows fortune.

7. Where do you see yourself/your brand in a few years? What are some of your dreams and aspirations?

I believe God Almighty thus I don’t take thought for tomorrow for the evil of the day is sufficient. My objective is to make the most of everyday as tomorrow is never promised.

8. What angle or focus for these articles that you would like to see?

I just want people to hear my music and finally answer to myself how far I would of went If I would of lived differently and made different choices or been a different person. And I want the world to hear how JAH loves street niggas too and Jesus Yashua whatever you call him is true. And wisdom is the way to our success. I want to help the broken people cause they are me.

9. Provide 2 to 3 potential title ideas if you’d like.

Feezy350 aka Goodbroda aka Kingfeezy350

The Ryan Travis Story

Hidden Legend

Private Success

Here I Come

10. Is there information you do NOT want to be included in these articles?

I don’t care I just want you to find what matter matters most and tell it. I’m not hiding