I was born in Louisville Ky

I moved to Florida 1989

I've also made a few other places my residence through jail and Prison bids and extraditions etc. New Orleans, Little Rock Arkansas, San Antonio Texas, Fresno California currently.

I can't be attached to any where more than Port stJohn PSJ Titusville Cocoa or Jacksonville all in Florida.

And This a lot of history for the YouTube sleuths.

My blood relatives are in Louisville btw. Our family name. TRAVIS and BLAND and HARVEY and a couple Hopkins are all in Louisville. I was born and brought to 26th and Muhammad Ali blvd across from L&M grocery. West end. But most of my family is from Shively Arcadia Apt area tho and The Porter Funeral home was my Granddaddy business. Where I from is very complicated as I’m from every where and have had whole lifetimes pass in several places



321, florida


Louisville Ky

Grew up in PSJ Florida , fla

Currently live in

Clovis California




Feezy is real as real gets! From his first feature on Pitbulls first album on the song “Hustle” to “Crazy Love” Feat Qwote (of Jive n in talks wit Roc Nation), Feezy is da future of the Florida rap scene. He is backed by his manager Jullian Boothe Vp of Slip n Slide Records who has brought out act after act includin Plies, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Trina, and many more! Be on the lookout out for Feezy 350 he comin!!!!

Favorite Quotations lol

Kanye West didn’t steal the name Feezy350.

while Feezy350 was in prison kanye just showed love 💯💯🫡 Yeezy350

The meteoric rise in Hip-Hop is no accident. GBPREACH’s music has a specialized mass appeal component and emotionally creates a distinct euphoria for listeners. Preach has never doubted his destiny since birth as he knew he was born both an entertainer and bonafide star. For the past 25 years he has been making history, and he came home from prison to “Preach” and captivate a certain audience.

Upon staring into his eyes, you immediately connect with his vision and magnetic energy. His music reflects a daily soundtrack for hustlers and self-made bosses as his childhood was never ideal. Being exposed to varying genres and sounds.From coming home from prison to now being a sight to watch in the hip-hop industry is no surprise to come from nothing and make your life into something.



Get ready to tap your feet to the Southern Gangsta Rap music with Feezy350’s latest album “Here I Come”


A talented, multifaceted artist, Feezy350  aka Good Broda aka King Feezy350 is an American songwriter, rapper, manager, and promoter extraordinaire who has bagged many successful accomplishments in the music industry.


Feezy350 released his latest project in the year 2019 through United Masters independently, an album, and called “Here I Come”. Originally, this album was named “Def Angel” by the artist, keeping in mind the amazing combination of vocal and instruments used in all the songs to create masterpieces, just like the Death Angel that brings Devine to your ears. Later, the name of the album was changed to “Here I Come”, after the lead single of this album. “Here I Come” is a huge collection of 20 breathtaking songs including- Blood out My Window, Die Bout Dat, Lately I been Stressin, Loyalty, and 15 other amazing tracks.


After the success of his first album, Feezy350 is working on his next project, which he proclaims to be very raw, and will give the picture of his life and music with stories and poetries, along with deep beats with a southern bass and northern melody. Or in his words, it is “Greatness in the making”.


“My inspiration to music has to be my daddy first as he always used to play Luther Vandross and Four Play the Jazz group. The movies “Temptations” and “The Jackson 5” really moved my soul as a child and Tupac and Biggie introduced me to manhood and music. MasterP No Limit records And TrickDaddy at SlipNSlide Records were my models of artists who were people like me that made it”, says Feezy350, telling about the things and people who inspired him to pursue music.


Feezy350 has loved music as far as he can remember. He started singing officially back in March 1998 but he has been performing for people since he was just around 7 years of age. Feezy350 has worked for popular artists like TPain, Plies, and Pretty Ricky. 


Feezy350 inspires people to always believe in themselves and to never quit. Through his music, he tells the world to let out the music they have within themselves, as it will make them feel free and alive.

Some questions:

When you started making music ?

I started writing poetry before I started school so probably 5 or 6 Years old I began the process and March 13 1998 I recorded with Elliot Morgan aka Big E on his birthday at his momma Miss Regina’s house using two separate radios with one playing the instrumental and recording on the other one! E even beboxed and I sang I wanna know by Joe . It was a full tape on one side and part of the other side of us and it was actually decent enough that ppl were talkin about it!

How would you describe your music ?

Gospel Gangsta Musik I’m a true street kid plus I’m Jewish with a black dad and both my parents were adopted yet stayed together until my momma passed in 2015. They were both very educated and they let me and my brother and sister find our way in life so my musik is an expression of the conundrums and paradox of life. My music has soul and a message with storylines about everything from drug to women to God to geography and do on.

What’s your creative process like ?

It’s all inspiration in my spirit so the process once took a lot of weed and privacy and I wouldn’t write I’d just freestyle and punch over mistake but today it’s really about having a good record and lyrical content so now it’s about taking time to be sure every track is a Great record.

What is your come up story ?

I’m still writing it! But 2005 I drove a studio session to Plies at SlipNSlide records in Miami from DawgManEnt Artist WhiteDawg who was popular underground in Florida. I hung out that night at the studio and the next week Plies was supposed to do a record with me to return the favor for drivin 3 hours each way and the 2 hours to get the files from Kissimmee s as well. So the next weekend I Went to meet him there and he flaked and stood me up. So the next week I went to the studio on my own in my maroon Buick on 22s that I bought from my homie. And I put my 3 or 4 self produced albums in Manila envelopes with a 20$ bill in each one! I pulled up to SlipNSlide records with my music loud playin my music and I handed the cd packages out to everybody I seen. 30 mins later I was prayin at my motel and The Great Jullian Boothe called me and said he was the VP of SlipNSlide Records and he became the only manager I’ve ever had. He put me on two of Pitbulls songs on the TVT infamous Welcome to 305 album. Then Raphaela Lima at EASports picked up two records. One is on Madden07 and the other is on NBALIVE 07 and Lil Jon and ShaunaK were on Mr. Dj with me on DjSmallz SouthernSmoke 17. Jullian taught me so much and made so much happen so fast and I’m forever grateful for him taking the time to help me. Ironically the same night I drove to meet Plies the first time my Homie Greg killed his gf Mandy so all this was part of a lot of bigger events. This was January 2005 and My 11 month old son died 8/24/04 plus 2 months later I had to turn myself in to prison from a charge I had pending so yea my story is still bein written.

What was your inspiration to make music ?

It came naturally I actually want to give speeches for a living lol but when you grow up in crazy circumstances music becomes the perfect release. I always like The Jackson5 movie and the five heartbeats and the Temptations movie. Plus my daddy and even my Big brother enocouraged me. But definitely inspired by the movies !


Beauchamp Da Genius and Preach(Feezy350) make up the Group and both manage one one another.

We were in prison together at Baker CI in fla Florida.

Beauchamp was actively in the rap competition where we shut down the rec yard and had paid shows in prison.

We stayed close and once free in Jacksonville Florida we started recording together .

I actually all but gave up on rappin cause I was 29but left the streets at 21 first on house arrest followed directly by 6 years in prison.

Beauchamp Encouraged me to rap again as I was acting in a managerial position.

Over the next year 2014-2015 we would tour with DJ DA (SlipNSlide )and then JT Money also performing at every venue in Jacksonville notably Flavors Lounge and Queen of Diamonds opening up for Scarface.

We were doin a show with Debbie Deb and she put the first act off the stage and the place erupted in to fighting where a couple ppl were shot and killed all over the city stemming from this event.

Yet there is no way Debbie Deb or anyone not regularly living in DUVAL could know that this would be the outcome.

As my long time manager Jullian Boothe was again getting things in order for label situations Beauchamp was arrested with another artist I was managing named Riverside True who robbed a man he knew at a rap battle from the rap battle league

That Beauchamp was dominating. Both artist were arrested and Beauchamp fought for 4 and a half years to prove his innocence in the robbery without snitchin and eventually took 5 years of Ed probation after sitting all those years.

Now he is Back and Whiteboy Deejay Way2Real is free as well. Way2Real and Goodbrotha Coalition are synonymous in Jacksonville and King Travis (Feezy350 or Preach) was the manager and brand ambassador linking with CrunkCity records SlipNSlide Records 2Commas Clothing Snare Gang Production Tom G Global Takeover Cutthroat Commity Records Rollo Hustle Music Group and so on including many other Brands under the Umbrella GoodbrodaCoalition.

Everything was put on hold on the precipice of Contracts for the second time legal troubles derailed the program. The first time in 2007 when I was caught up the first time is when Madden07 NBALIVE07 and two Pitbull features also Lil Jon feature all set me up for deal I was caught in the system for 7 years. This will be comeback number 3 and I'm producing managing and rapping which is how I started off in the late 90's.

We didn't have beats so and studio time was overly expensive thus I made my own with duel tape player setup and eventually making beats on FruityLoops and reaching out to radios stations and Labels on my own before meeting the then VP of SlipNSlide and person who found Pitbull Jullian Boothe. Known recently for Love and Hiphop Miami Jullian was with SoSo Def then Luke Record (Uncle Luke) then SlipNSlide and finally Southbeat records with Jim Jonsin.

I remember staying at the studio with B.O.B before anybody knew him. He was a producer and could play any instrument. I was also on the street team promoting Plies and TPain and Pretty Rick and the Mavericks when they were all getting started. It's so much more and so many more ppl I was dealing with 05-07 the again 2013-16 even recording at RapALot studio in Houston and operating in New Orleans at Lighting records. Self funded tours to 23 states as Goodbrotha coalition president and the story goes on and on. Currently I've built a studio and film production studio in one of my garages full equip to do everything and WhiteBoy Deejay and Beauchamp are free and back working on music again.

Thus my next project will be Goodbruddahs the group duo Beauchamp DaGenius with KYD in the clutch.

The idea of Goodbrotha Coalition is to have a collective of brands under the Goodbrotha Coalition umbrella as a type of C corporation with LLCs sign in agreement with other brands to give access to industry marketing and recording and all other things related to business as a whole.

The vision is once again attainable and the show must go on.

ToBe Continued.