InterView from Publicist Grace Williams

Q 1) Who/what inspired to do music?

A 1) My inspiration to music has to be my daddy first always playing Luther Vandros and FourPlay the Jazz group. The Temptations movie and The Jackson 5 movie really moved my soul as a child and Tupac and Biggie began my introduction to manhood and music. MasterP No Limit records And TrickDaddy at SlipNSlide Records were my models of artist who were people like me that made it.

Musically Hard Knock Life by JayZ and DMX FleshOfMyFlesh BloodOfMyBlood.

Azyet, Boys2Men, All4One, Jodecei, RKelly, JonB MaryJBlige and so many other singers were all Huge inspirations. I always loved music as far back as I can remember.

Q 2) Describe your music style, genre, etc.?

A 2) My musik style is Southern Educated Hood or Souther Gangsta Rap. It’s HipHop Soul. Soulja Slim and Mystical from a Tupac Intellect with a biggie flow. Like Soul music spoke as rap in harmony!

Q 3) Tell us a little more about your musical journey so far.

A 3)It’s started rapping officially March 13 1998 with Elliott Morgan on two tape decks facing each other. Before then I was 6 or 7 and ppl would come get me out the apartment to rap on cars and smoke cigarettes. Next was CAN LIFE click with two singles that we recorded. We performed a few times and were known in our county in Florida.

I played Sax and StandUp Bass in 5-7th grade but was kicked out of school early 7th grade year never to return and complete. I learned how to make beats on fruity loops and began to produce my first three albums myself.

Next after the death of my first son to SIDS 8/28/04 I took those albums in envelopes with a 20$bill in each one to SlipNSlide Records. Later that day I received a call from Jullian Boothe and began my professional career. Jullian was Pitbulls manager and discovering person. I worked on Plies, TPain, Pretty Ricky and the whole Florida music scene 05 to 06 apart from the 7 months in GA prison.

Next I came home to Madden07 and NBALIVE 07 with EASports the did a apprenticeship at NextLevelEnt as a show promoter working with Boosie and Webbie, Gucci Mane, D4L and ShawtyLo, Buffy The Body and many others. Me and B.O.B slept at the sudio office SouthBeat records 2006 both umpcoming artist and shortly after my past came back and I was sentenced to prison again 5 years in Florida then 5years in Kentucky. So 7 years later Late 2013 I was released and began GoodbrothaCoalition now a LLC company working to regain the momentum from the past. I’m Feezy350 and I came home to Yeezy350 shoes with no credit or money from Kanye and other artist with names that borrow my swag.

I’m currently independent and released my music through United Masters and Distrokid with 90/10 splits. I’ve received 100000 plays with most on Spotify and Apple. I’m trying to stream in the millions and am working on several new projects. I have a song with rap pioneer JT Money and Fella from DunkRydas and another with them and Shawn J from field mob. I’m known as Feezy350 aka Goodbroda aka Kingfeezy350 Aka Goodbrodatv. RapChat and Brapp, OffTop, Emcee l, Cre8tor are all rap apps I’ve built a following on. I’m currently taking control of my Brand and guiding my own career. Also half of GoodbrothaCoalition is BeauChampDaGenius my only Goodbrotha. He is legendary in the battle rap scene and my inspiration to try again after prison.

Q 4) Tell us about your latest project(s) and your the story behind it?

A 4) My latest project was DEF ANGEL Using the sayin as the Death Angel bringing Tight to Def music to your ears. Those were my songs recorded fresh out of Prison which later changed to Here I Come named after the lead single on the album. I released this through United masters independently 2019.

My next Album I’m recording now and will be a very raw yet clear picture of my life and my music with stories and poetry through spoken word type cadence over deep beats with a southern bass up north melody type feel. Greatness in the making!

Q 5) Any message for your fans/readers?

A 5) Always believe in yourself and Never quit. When the world says it’s over always remember your dreams so when Life goes on you can contribute the mission. If you have music in your soul let it out and express it in all you do. Love with out condition and fail with grace so the hate never overthrows you and mistakes never defeat you. Believe in God and pay attention to your soul. Be careful not to let the money dilute your talent and last but not least Please Stream My Music. Check me out find Feezy350 aka Goodbroda on all digital platforms. Love y’all and thanks to everybody for supporting me over these years.

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I was born to Roderick and Niki Travis 9/4/1985 as (King) Ryan Evan Travis and am an American rapper known for Madden07 and NBALIVE 07 and founder of GoodbrothaCoalition LLC

I have music on all digital platforms and was on Madden07 and NBALIVE 07and have been in the business since 2005 under Pitbulls original manager Jullian Boothe

Grace Williams interview

Feezy350 aka Goodbroda aka Kingfeezy350